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DreamWisp Nasal CPAP Mask

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The Philips Respironics DreamWisp Nasal CPAP Mask features a top-of-head hose connection and an open view, making it perfect for both beginning users adjusting to therapy and long-term users looking for more comfort.

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Ideal For:

  • Active Sleepers
  • Side Sleepers
  • Stomach Sleepers
  • If You Breathe Through Your Nose
  • If You Wear Glasses
  • If You Watch T.V. or Read Before Bed
  • If You Are New to CPAP

The use of a top-of-the-head hose connection reduces bulk and improves seal stability.

Because the hose joins at the crown of the head, the mask provides an open line of sight and a more reliable seal, allowing you to watch TV or send business emails for the week ahead.

Features Included Keep your chosen fit and welcome movement

The hose connection has a 360° swivel that allows you to move freely throughout the night, and the helmet has magnetic clips that make it simple to attach and remove the mask.

Designed specifically for stomach and side sleepers

The DreamWisp's design allows you to sleep in any position, including on your stomach, without compromising the seal's integrity.

During an airflow event, the hollow frame reacts appropriately.

The DreamWisp has a hollow frame that can divert air to an open tube if the other side of your body closes off as you sleep, which can happen to side sleepers.

Cleaning and maintenance requirements are simplified by the minimalist design.

Users will like that the DreamWisp just has a few pieces to clean and care for, and that the cushion and frame are dishwasher safe for extra-easy maintenance.

Choose the best fit for you from five different cushion sizes.

Cushions are available in Petite, Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large to ensure a near-perfect fit. With the right–sized cushion, you experience improved flexibility and a better seal.

Two Exhalation Ports Limit Therapy Sounds

What’s Included:

  • Cushion (S, M, L)
  • Headgear (M)
  • Frame Faceplate
  • Frame Connector (M)
  • Magnetic Headgear Clips
  • Fabric Wraps
  • Sizing Guide
  • Instructions Guide



This mask is compatible with every CPAP machine except for the AirMini. The nasal cushion is not compatible with the original Wisp mask.

Mask Type: Nasal

Headgear / Frame Sizes:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

Suggested Replacement Schedule:

The nasal cushion should be replaced once every three to six months.

Cleaning Instructions: Yes

Headgear Included: Yes

Replaceable Cushion: Yes

Cushion Type: Silicone

Good For:

  • Active Sleepers
  • Claustrophobia
  • Readers / TV Watchers

Sleep Position:

  • Back
  • Side
  • Stomach

Breathing Preference: Nose

Product Warnings:


  • Manufacturer Magnet Safety Notice: Magnets with a magnetic field strength of 400 mT are used in the mask. With the exception of the devices identified in the contraindication, ensure that the mask is kept at least 6 inches (approx. 15 cm) away from any other medical implants or medical devices that can be impacted by the magnetic fields to avoid possible effects from localized magnetic fields. This includes household members, caregivers, and bed partners that may be in close vicinity to patients that use the masks. See more details from the manufacturer here.
  • Do not use the DreamWisp during a procedure using magnetic resonance technology, such as an MRI or CT scan.
  • Discontinue use and contact your doctor if any of the following occur: chest discomfort, shortness of breath, severe headache, eye pain or eye infections. Also contact your doctor if you experience skin redness, irritation, discomfort, blurred vision, or drying of the eyes.
  • Do not overtighten headgear straps. Doing so can increase the occurrence of red marks and impressions on the skin. Loosening the straps will alleviate these symptoms.
  • As with any mask, at low CPAP therapy pressures, some rebreathing may occur.


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Philips Respironics

DreamWisp Nasal CPAP Mask

$95.00 CAD $120.00

The Philips Respironics DreamWisp Nasal CPAP Mask features a top-of-head hose connection and an open view, making it perfect for both beginning users adjusting to therapy and long-term users looking for more comfort.


  • Fit Pack S/M/L Cushions - 1137916
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